Studio-itzo is an architectural collaboration between Martina Schiller and Rainer Stadlbauer which focuses on the conception of spatial strategies. With the multiplicity of existing realities, we are looking for systemic clarity within specific contexts. Social and material narratives of given setttings are understood as resources for their own redefinition. Spaces and their medial extensions are developed as parts within a larger system.

Martina Schiller graduated in the fields of architecture, art as communicative practice and art pedagogy in Vienna after studying Artes Visuales for one year in the Northwest of Argentinia, in San Juan. After some time working as an academic teacher focussing on design methods at the Vienna University of Technology, she is currently active as an art teacher in children and youthwork.

Rainer Stadlbauer received his graduate degree in architecture from universities in Vienna and Delft after being a student in graphic and media design at a secondary college of technology. Having also studied digital art for some time at the University of Applied Arts, he was working as a designer and project manager for various projects of buero bauer Vienna. As a co-founder he runs Kunstraum SUPER in Vienna with Andreas Perkmann Berger.